Join the Loan Lounge Team

How we add value to you?

Be part of a bigger vision

Our mission is to sustainably give $1M p.a. to end human trafficking. This means we cannot do it on our own. Join us and be part of something being than you.

Team environment and support

Work with a close and supportive team that is invested into your success.

Proven business model

Our business model puts brokers and clients at the centre. Our director was able to replace his corporate income in 2.5 years with trail income and wants to show you how to do the same.

Training and support

We teach you the skills to become a successful broker and provide a holistic approach to build the whole person. We are interested in the transformation of people and societies.


Join our infrastructure and have access to the systems and technologies that allow you to be on top of your business, understand where you are and where you need to be to reach your goals.

Who we are looking for?


We are looking for someone who desires to be generous with their time, resources and talent.


We are looking for someone that cares. They care about their family, colleagues, clients and the community.

Good Judgement

We are looking for someone who desires to make good decisions and hone their skills overtime. Someone who is willing to make the choices where every stakeholder wins.


We are looking for the person who is honest and is of good character. They desire to live holistically whereby they are the same on the inside and on the outside.


We are seeking someone who desires to be excellent at mortgage brokering and put in the hard work to be the best in their field. Someone who is teachable and is open to feedback and continuous improvement.

Interested in joining Loan Lounge

Watch this video to learn more about why Loan Lounge was started.

If you resonate and feel inspired about our mission of financing a difference. Then email us a video of why you want to join Loan Lounge. Please include your name and contact details.

We’ll be in touch.