a difference.

At Loan Lounge we are here to help you make a difference – a difference in your life and the world around you.

How we work

Learn more about your goals

This is where we ask you questions to learn more about you, what you want to achieve and whether we can assist. We want to ensure the relationship is a good fit and that we can work well together into the future.

Develop the right solutions

We research different lenders to ensure we find the right solution to fit your unique situation. Once the solutions are found and we are confident of a ‘Yes’ from the lender, we present this to you and upon agreement, prepare the compliance and application forms for you to sign.

Put the solutions into place

Once the forms are signed and all the required documents are obtained, we apply with the lender, track and update you on the progress of the loan until we reach settlement. The processing time can vary depending on your needs and requirements.

Ensure you reach your goals

Once the loan is settled, you become part of The Loan Lounge family which entitles you to regular reviews. This can be on a systemised basis or reach out to us on an ad hoc basis. The best thing about being part of our family is helping financing a difference!

We’re financing a difference.

We believe in a philosophy whereby our clients are valued, staff are empowered and the community is impacted. We do this by serving clients, our partners and giving 10% of our trail income to end human trafficking.

Together we are financing a difference!

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We’d love to help.

Wherever you are on your property buying journey, from an inquisitive first-home buyer to a seasoned investor, our team is here to help you achieve your goals.